Hobby Projects

Some early projects…

LED mau5 head

This is a wall-mounted replica of the LED “mau5 head” as worn by the musician Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5. The display is made up of 800 WS2801 LED pixels adhered to a polycarbonate hemisphere using some custom 3D printed light diffusers. The animations were created using Glediator and played back using a T1000S led controller from China.


Several years ago I purchased a Panasonic GH2 and developed a fascination with filmography. Wanting to add dynamic motion to my shots and to experiment with long exposure time-lapses, I decided to make a motorized camera slider that could be controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Introducing Arduslider!

The double sled concept was supposed to extend the movement range without needing a cumbersome slider however when fully extended large moments resulted in substantial mechanical sag which was often visible in the shots. This project showed me the value in 3D printing prototypes as it allows ideas to be tested quickly, allowing for the completion of more design cycles.


I created this battery-powered boombox for parties and gatherings whilst at University. The body was constructed out of MDF and had an aluminium switch panels for selecting either an internal battery or internal 12V power adapter. On the audio side of things where 2 mid/sub range speakers, a car radio amplifier and a 3.5mm aux jack plug.

Solid Ground Electronics Youtube Channel

The Solid Ground Electronics youtube channel was started to document my projects but ended up becoming an affiliate marketing platform after my Anet A8 review found by an online retailer called Gear Best. We both struck up a deal in which I would be sent product samples in exchange for video reviews.