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My Name is Fred

I am an electronic design engineer with a broad selection of skills ranging from PCB layout, embedded C/C++ programming, and 3D CAD of both sheet metal and injection-molded enclosures. I’m passionate about delivering cost-effective solutions, solving complex problems, and creating products that your customers will love. Take a look around, and if you like what you see, why not get in touch? Together, we can build something incredible!



Do you have a product idea but lack the resources or knowledge required to bring it to the market? Or perhaps you have the opportunity to improve an existing design but aren’t sure how to meet your new design criteria? I can bring your product to life using my turn-key product development service, which consists of 6 complementary areas, processes, and disciplines.

Concept Generation

Like ghosts, complex problems can be difficult to get a clear picture of but methodically untangling them lets a designer focus on the things that matter. I use abstraction to view problems generically, which allows superfluous features to be targeted and “exorcised” from the specification. Once stripped back, the core design requirements can shine through, paving the way for innovation and creative problem-solving. ,

Electronic Design

With both the miniaturization and increased accessibility of electronics every year, product designers can now afford to control and monitor even the simplest of devices. The modern world demands continuous improvement which has led to an increase in competition between brands, the need for more data, and new regulatory challenges. Fortunately, my experience in product development can help guide you through the quagmire of product compliance, enable cutting edge features, and help launch your idea into existence.

Software Development

Despite our best efforts to prevent feature creep, requirements can change as the market evolves and as we better understand how customers use our products. Being able to respond quickly to changes in demand can help maintain competitiveness and is achieved by flexibly enabling product functionality. With the advent of both FPGAs and microprocessors, even the most complex systems can be adapted to meet the unforeseen needs of the future.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is crucial as it will often dictate the environment in which a product can be used, the way it interacts with the world, the cost of assembly, and perceived build quality. It is possible to achieve more in a given amount of time through close communication between the electronic and mechanical engineers since the enclosure and printed circuit board dictate the design of one another. By using the same engineer to perform both aspects of the design, it is far easier to exploit the mechanical properties of the printed circuit boards which can unlock more cost-saving options when it comes to the enclosure and any associated tooling costs. Working in Autodesk, I can design for a variety of technologies from 3D printing, injection molding, and folded sheet metal.


Product development is performed by iterating through design cycles in which we look at a problem, theorize a solution, test the solution, reflect on the result, and repeat. Completing more iterations will result in a better product, so prototyping quickly is vital to the learning process as it can seed new ideas and highlight unforeseen problems. A project is often split into subsystems, allowing the designer to quickly test and change things independent of the entire system. As time goes on, the refined subsystems combine, leaving you with a fantastic product.


Working with manufacturers you trust and knowing the best places to source parts can make all the difference when sticking to a timeline and budget. Working on a diverse range of projects over the years has let me build up a trusted network of component suppliers, fabricators, finishers, board houses, assembly houses, and plastic manufacturers, which can help avoid delays and disappointment.

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I have developed a broad range of skills to enable me to act on my ideas. My technical skills facilitate the introduction of new product functionality, whilst the media skills allow me to create websites, product packaging, marketing materials, and generally help me to convey information more concisely.

Technical Skills

  • Electronics
  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Mechanical

Media skills

  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Wordpress

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